Tools for Cisco Unified Communications

Apps Run in Any Modern Web Browser

Bridge Operator Console

Bridge Operator Console is our flagship attendant console for Cisco Unified Communications. Bridge Operator Console is perfect for the modern workplace. It offers full call control, predictive transfer, related people, calendar visibility, phone messaging and paging, and much more. The latest generation, which is part of the Cloud Suite, does not require any installation. It runs in any modern browser, giving the users, and system administrators maximum ease and flexibility.

Packages start as low as $29 per month

Bridge Supervisor Reports and Dashboard

Bridge Supervisor Reports and Dashboard is the perfect complement to Bridge Operator Console. It is designed for reception supervisors, and provides a live dashboard of availability as well as live and historical reports. Supervisors can see group reports, and drill down to see data at the user level.

Packages start as low as $49 per month

Bridge Cisco Finesse Admin

Bridge Cisco Finesse Admin is designed for contact center supervisors. It combines live reporting, call monitoring, recording, and call control into a simple, mobile friendly interface that can be run in any modern browser. Supervisors have the power to change the status of their team members, and even barge into calls where required.

Packages start as low as $49 per month

Bridge Company Directory

Bridge Company Directory is a web-based tool for organizations. Users can find, monitor, and call other staff members within the entire organization. Bridge Company Directory replaces the need for phone side cars, printed directories, and lets users self-service communications without added burden on your operators.

Packages start as low as $5 per month